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Bringing Electronic Payments and Check Printing to the Web

Bottomline has a long history in payment processing. With years of experience in accounts payable, treasury management and electronic payments and disbursements, our professional consultants can help you move your payments processing seamlessly to the Web.

Payments are following the same trend as many other corporate and financial processes, moving online for ease of access, connectivity and distributed processing. However, as your Accounts Payable and Treasury functions move from centralized functions to distributed online processes, there are many challenges to deal with, such as:

  • Are your accounts organized correctly to support a distributed disbursements function?
  • If approvals become distributed, how will reporting and audit functions change?
  • How will you have to key your data to support two- or three-way matching for reconciliation at an appropriate level of detail?

Bottomline's consultants can help you:

  • Understand the challenges of moving payments processes to the Web;
  • Prepare your organization to be ready for the move;
  • Identify risks when moving to the Web;
  • Create an informed, action-based roadmap for change.

Contact your Bottomline representative today and learn how Bottomline consultants can help you bring your payments processing to the Web quickly, efficiently and with less risk.

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